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When can we suspect parafunction (prismos)?
Do you feel like having headache, pain in your back, ears, or jaw? Do you awake yourself at night  and suffer from pain in your mouth? Your partner complains about  gnashing your teeth at night?. Or maybe you have noticed that your face became  more like squar-shaped?  Do not neglect such symptoms; you may suffer from prismos!
What is prismos?
Prismos ( In Greek - gnashing teeth) - pathological heavy rubbing jawbone against teeth, mostly occurs at night. It happens 
unconsciously and the rubbing pressure is several times bigger than the pressure when we bite the food. It may cause serious damage. Very often people suffering from prismos are not even aware of their behavior. Nowadays many people 
struggle with this problem!  Remember, even an ordinary rubbing may have serious consecuences! 
Untreated prismos may lead to:
  • chronic inflammation,
  • temporo-mandibular joint degeneration,
  • persistent head and back pain,
  • grind and craze the teeth 
Reasons, for which the prismos may occure are:
  • genetic disposition,
  • bite defects,
  • teeth shortage,
  • defective crowns, bridges,or dentures performance,
  • parasitic inflammations,
  • excessive stress,
Do not neglect the symptoms; in mouth :
  • teeth grinding and cracking,
  • running down of gingiva and roots,
  • bleeding while brushing teeth,
  • chicks and tongue biteing,
In joints:
  • restricted jaw-bone movability,
  • joints, muscules, and/or bone pain,
In muscles:
  • temporal and mandibular muscle outgrowth,(square-shaped face),
  • muscle contructure,
  • restricted head movability,
  • headaches,
  • pain in ears and hearing disturbance,
  • saliva production disturbance.
Parafunction treatment can be broken in many stages as well as many specialists may be involved in cooperation, too. 
One of the treatment techniques, is laying on the splints (stents) - transparent overlays put over upper teeth which prevent from clamping the lower ones. During the treatment special formulation (preparation ) is injected into masticator muscles.
It loosens them, making them weaker, but also prevents from overreaction. The effect lasts 6 -8 months; over that period of  time our face may look slimer because the muscles decrease their capacity.
The procedure itself is easy, safe and does not take time ( up to 30 minutes). It is painless and does not have any side effects.
Redness sometime may occure but goes away within an hour.
Please keep in mind that the next few weeks you should avoid any treatments which use radiation (including sauna and 
After 6 - 8 months the muscles start function back normally. It is recommended to repeat the procedure several times.
Contraindication to do that treatment is: pregnancy, use of antibiotics, flu, nerve - muscle conduction disorder 
(miastenia gravis, Lambert-Eaton syndrome), anticoagulants uses including aspirine.

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