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Free reviews and consultations:

 prosthetic, implantological and orthodontic.

We invite you for free orthodontic, prosthetic and implantological consultations

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For our patients we offer variety of implatologic restorations; crowns, bridges, and dentures based on implants as well as 
mini implants 3M MDI. During an initial consultation we discuss many options of the treatment and help to choose 
the most appropriate one. The precise description of the treatment you will find in " Implantologic Treatment".
Below is a simplified outline.
  • First visit; panoramic teeth picture is done -  based upon it we show the possibilities and recommendations for further treatment. Then we do CT scanning for accurate diagnosis. All the exams we do in our RTN cabinet in Wroclaw. When all the tests are completed we can plan the implants arrangement, choosing the most suitable for patient's bone structure. Also to maximize the chances - dental calculus(tartar) should be cleaned out.
  • second visit; it is here where the implantation process begins. Temporarily missing teeth we restore with adhesive bridges, splints and acrylic prothesis. We always do our best so the patient can function normally untill the implants are accepted and the ultimate restoration is accomplished. At the end, to speed up the healing process we use a laser biosimulation LLLT.
  • third visit; approximately after 2 months for the upper jaw and 4 months for the lower one, the implants are exposed and the prosthetic restoration is being built upon them.
The most frequent questions:
What is implantation? - Implantation involves drilling holes in a bone and titanium implants are being screwed into them.
Resulting surgical wound is then stitched. After certain period of time needed for healing and implants acceptance - prosthetic restoration is getting done; crowns, bridges, or dentures.
Who is allowed to undergo the implantation? Indications and/or counter indications are determined by a stomatologist during the first visit. The counter indications are some generic illness, inability to maintain a good mouth hygiene, big bone losses which don't meet bone recovery requirements.
Is implantation painful? Although implantation is a sort of invasive,( by its nature )- it is absolutely painless. During the surgery we use anesthesia - simultaneously, during and after the operation patient remains totally conscious, and is able to drive himself or herself back home. For some exceptionally stressed patients we offer unloosing nerves medicine.
Is every implantation always successful?
As the other surgeries there is always some risk of failure; the effectiveness is estimated at about 98%. It means that 1 out of 40 implants can not join the bone and has to be removed, and then usually it is replaced successfully with the new one.
What is the warranty of implants stability?
There is no time limitation, provided that a mouth hygiene is properly maintain.

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